What Individuals Can Do

The most important thing a resident can do to help areas lakes is to be educated. The more you know, the better you can respond.

Storm Sewer Drains
Example: Do you know that many storm sewers around Eagle and Pike lake flow directly into the lakes? That means that almost anything in the street will end up in the lake. Grass clippings (high in phosphorous), leaves, pine needles, trash, and motor oil will all negatively effect the lake.
Take a look at the map below, and if your home lies within the red line, please help keep the storm sewers clear of clutter.
(Click for a larger image in a new window.)

Lawn Fertilizers
Do you fertilize your lawn? Guess what, when you're fertilizing the lawn, you MAY NOT just be fertilizing the lawn!
Image courtesy of the Washington State Water Quality Consortium